A cleaning can be as simple as removing contaminants from the surface of the varnish, or it may require more extensive work.  When the old varnish is removed and the paint surface is revealed, all previous touch ups, nicks, scrapes, etc. are evident.

Before repairing the holes (top picture, below), we removed all the old, discolored varnish.  We then patched the tears from behind. The voids were filled and these areas were then touched up to match their surroundings.

When dry, a thin coat of varnish was applied.


The picture above shows detail of an uncomplicated, straightforward varnish removal step. The brownish color of the lower, not-yet-cleaned portion is old, discolored varnish.

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  Each painting has its own problems. The painting above has select areas where a different solution is needed to remove a top coating before the primary varnish can be removed.

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