Specialists in the restoration and conservation of fine art paintings and frames.

In a contract with the state of Florida, we restored a collection of eleven paintings for the Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, Florida.

The entire collection was the work of Douglas Arthur Teed, a noted American landscape painter.

The largest of these was over five feet by six feet. The paintings and their original wooden frames had suffered severe damage from years of neglect, and were very nearly discarded.

As quoted in the local NEWS-PRESS, site manager Phillip Leeser said of our work,

"The pictures are beautiful. The paintings are like new, and very strong. Teed's turn-of-the-century paintings are transformed from rotting junk into collectors' items."


TheArtRestorer performs restorations with great care. No areas are unnecessarily disturbed; we keep conservation always in mind. We utilize only the finest of materials in our procedures.

This type of work cannot be rushed; it demands both skill and patience.

We work to bring your painting up to the best condition possible, as if it were our own, ensuring that it will survive for generations to come.

When we perform the work, we will include with your painting a photographic documentation and written description of each step taken during restoration.


We have over 35 years experience in art restoration. We have worked on some major artists such as:

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  • Edward Potthast
  • William Chadwick
  • Raphel Soyer
  • Haley Lever
  • Douglas Arthur Teed
  • David Johnson
  • Henry Bacon
  • Josef Isearl
  • Eugene Chavot
  • John Singer Sargent
  • George Innes
  • George Luks
  • James Corroll Beckwith
  • Albert Ryder
  • Edward Cortez
  • Herman Herzog
  • Chauncey Ryder
  • Claude Lorrain
  • Peter Paul Rubens
  • John George Brown
  • Jules Dupre
  • F.A. Bridgman
  • William T. Richards
  • Samuel Colman
  • William Hart
  • William Merritt Chase
  • Fromentin
  • William de Haas
  • E. Moran
  • Sam Newton
  • Guy Wiggins

The painting below had canvas rot and major paint flaking. We cleaned it front and back, filled in all lost paint, repainted all fill, restretched it on original stretcher, and applied new varnish.

Art restoration covers a wide range of tasks, ranging from relatively simple cleaning to extremely complex paint and frame reconstructions.  The following pages illustrate some of these:

The repair and reconstruction of antique and ornate frames is an art form in itself.  We have rescued some valuable frames that were literally on their way to the trash bin.

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Plaster, wood, gold leaf, or others, we can match any finish to the point that it is difficult to detect any restoration.

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