Specialists in the restoration and conservation of fine art paintings and frames.

Created in the year 2000, TheArtRestorer.com was originally known as PMStudios.

The types of services provided through this art restoration web site are the same types of services we have been providing to our customers in  Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We treat every project with the utmost care and attention.  Whether your work of art is from a valuable collection or of sentimental value only, it will be treated as irreplaceable.

Our specialty is restoring paintings and frames, but we offer our services on a wide variety of art objects such as:

marble and alabaster statues

plaster plaques

tole trays

leather and canvas dividing screens

select furniture repair including

  • intricate brass and tortoise shell inlay
  • gold leafing
  • laminate replacement of marquetry, parquetry, etc.
  • resin casting for missing metal decorations


Our services DO NOT include porcelain or china repair or paper restoration.

. Mailing address:

Pat Mahoney
2930 Bay Street
Orange Park, Florida 32065


phone: 904. 264.9733

Your privacy is important to us. We will use information you provide only as required to respond to your request.

Request an estimate...
To receive an estimate, send a detailed description of the condition of the painting and/or frame with photos (if possible) and we will give you a broad estimate.  If you send digitized photographs, please convert them to JPEG (jpg) format.

For a more accurate estimate, however, the best method is to mail the piece to us at the address shown above.   Your local Mailbox, Inc. (or equivalent) can package and mail your materials at a reasonable rate. It is your decision whether to insure or not.

If you decide to have us restore your painting and/or frame, we will complete the restoration, and return it in the same packaging we received it in. We will also pay return shipping charges and will mail back to you photos and a detailed written description of the work that was done.

If you decide not to have the restoration done after notification of the estimate, we will return your materials C.O.D. If you are seeking an estimate on a painting only, please do not send the frame.

Either way, please contact us first at the address above or


Additional information...
If you have any questions or concerns with regard to our artwork and frames repair and restoration services, we'll be happy to address them.  contact us first at the address above or


Request "do-it-yourself" information...
We receive many requests for "do it yourself" information. Please understand that art restoration is a craft. As such, it requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

We simply cannot provide the level and depth of information required. Please do not ask, we will not respond. We suggest you try amazon.com for books on the subject.


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