Specialists in the restoration and conservation of fine art paintings and frames.

Our clients include individuals, art and antique dealers, art collectors, galleries, museums, insurance adjustors, and consulting attorneys.

We have spent decades working with pieces that others considered to be lost causes.

We perform restorations with great care. No areas are unnecessarily disturbed; we keep conservation always in mind. We utilize only the finest of materials in our procedures.

This type of work cannot be rushed; it demands both skill and patience.

We work to bring your painting up to the best condition possible, as if it were our own, ensuring that it will survive for generations to come.

When we perform the work, we will include with your painting a photographic documentation and written description of each step taken during restoration.

"The pictures are beautiful. The paintings are like new, and very strong. Teed's turn-of-the-century paintings are transformed from rotting junk into collectors' items."   More...

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TheArtRestorer.com (formerly known as P.M. Studios) is owned and operated by Orange Park, Florida artist Patrick Mahoney.

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